Hunting Test Workshop

Workshop Description

This workshop is designed to help handlers and their dogs make the transition from the Junior Level to Senior and Master level work. Classes will be held every Monday night for 3 weeks, during the summer and early fall. Training will begin at 5pm at Swift River Retrievers training grounds in Templeton Ma. The workshop will run just like a Hunt Test with multiple mark set ups, holding blinds, birds, shotguns, honor dogs, etc.

Handlers will have the ability to watch other handlers at the line, Buck will provide private instruction while the handler is on line. There will be discussions concerning such things as the difference between handling in a test vs. a training situation, how set the dog up for success and how to set up training tests.

For more information on cost, schedule and availability please call or email us. Our contact info is on the Contact Us page.

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Workshop Prerequisites

Dogs that have been through Buck's Basic Avoidance Program will be given preference. All dogs must be able to at least run a simple land blind.

To enroll in a workshop, please contact Buck at 978-544-7891 or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..