Training Grounds

Access to training grounds is one of the hardest things for an amateur trainer to find. We have it here at Swift River Retrievers both in the North and in the South.  This enables us to work with your retriever year round.

Summer Grounds in Templeton, MA

We own some of the best technical water in New England. Our training grounds are a short drive from Orange. We have 120 acres, located in Templeton Massachusetts, with 3 technical ponds, several long entry ponds and a stick pond. These ponds offer many different looks and diverse training opportunities such as re-entries. We also have access to many local fields that give us the opportunity to strengthen our dogs marking abilities. By being able to repeat marking concepts in varied locations, our retrievers build on the success that comes with lot’s of teaching. Flat fields and rolling terrain, retrievers need to experience many different situations to be able to accomplish your goals whether it is competition or hunting, your retriever will be a better companion when he learns to deal effectively with diverse grounds.

Templeton 1    Templeton 2    

Templeton 4 

  Templeton 6 Templeton 7  Templeton 8

Winter Grounds in McColl, SC

We also own 90 acres in McColl, South Carolina.  We have 2 ponds on the property and large open fields with rolling terrain perfect for long field trial marks. Our winter home is located on the property and our facilities include a kennel and fenced airing yards for the safety and comfort of the dogs.  We also have access to other excellent training grounds within 15 minutes of our McColl property.

training-grounds1 training-grounds2 training-grounds3 training-grounds4