Our Facilities

Retrievers thrive in an environment that offers them both mental and physical challenges in a well-presented lesson plan. Without varied training grounds, teaching concepts can make it hard for the dog to understand the lesson. Swift River has access to many grounds where dogs can feel safe and focus on the lesson at hand. Along with varied training grounds, dogs need to have a consistent routine and enjoy the safety and comfort of their own kennel when they are not working. Swift River offers an atmosphere conducive to the enhancement of the dog’s progress in our program.

Healthy and happy dogs learn better, we feed Purina Sport 30/20. Kennels are washed and cleaned at least daily. Dogs travel to training sites in the safety of a stainless steel chassis mount dog box built by CPH Sales. All latches are positive lock and safety clipped when traveling.


Swift River Retrievers’ kennel facilities are located on 15 acres in Orange, Massachusetts. We have room for 20+ dogs in our kennels. Our heated kennel building has indoor/outdoor runs and a washing/grooming area. For your dog’s comfort, each kennel is equipped with a Kuranda bed. We have 7 separate airing yards with plenty of room to run. The kennel building is protected by a fire and security system.

Kennel  Kennel


Kennel    Kennel

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